Orchid City is the world's first fully sustainable and closed loop community - the result of decades of accumulated knowledge, experience, and innovation at Except Integrated Sustainability. On 4th November 2021, the team at Except Integrated Sustainability joined our growing number of partners to discuss recent outcomes, future plans and the continuing momentum of the Orchid City project.

This meeting marked the second of such presentations organized by Except, which are essential to raise the awareness of Orchid City and provide ourselves and our partners with a platform to highlight challenges and consider solutions.

These meetings are held online due to the global nature of our business and our vast partner network.

Detailed plans of Orchid City show how waterways, recreation and agriculture are embedded within a community.

Meeting Notes

The first half of the meeting focused on our progress since the last meeting in June, including:

  • Refining media outreach models for different markets
  • Honing techniques for integrated modeling of finance dashboards, high details, landscaping energy consumption, and agriculture.
  • Utilizing different statistics in sectors such as labor and education, and using new modeling with CO2 and nitrogen emissions.
  • Redeveloping Except's Symoto modeling software to accelerate development in other countries.
  • The introduction of different languages on the Orchid City website
  • New brochures in Dutch, Vietnamese, and English.
  • Continuing on the emerging interest from networks in Japan.
  • Growing interest from potential partners in Estonia (such as Wolfscape and the Estonia Investment Agency)
  • Focusing on provinces in Netherlands and funding proposals.
  • Continued search for investors, land acquisition, financing, and what exactly is required by these partners.
  • Finalization of proposals for financial alignment on roles and lead provisions
  • Communications - reaching out to established conferences to present and publish Orchid City at public events.

Some of our partners in our continually-expanding and like-minded global network.
by Mark Ratcliff
Communcations expert

Nov. 15, 2021