Orchid City is the world's first fully sustainable and closed loop community - the result of decades of accumulated knowledge, experience, and innovation at Except Integrated Sustainability. On 24th June 2021, our team had the pleasure of holding our first partner meeting and officially presenting and the discussing the current progress of Orchid City.

The online meeting was attended by over 85 individuals from our office in Utrecht and our partner network across the world.

Our partners at Biohm, Cycas Capital, Woodstock, and Peerby joined and we were exceptionally proud to also welcome Wouter von Dieren, an early pioneer of the sustainability movement and member of the Club of Rome.

OC artist impressions
Orchid City offers residents a life within a fully sustainable and vibrant community living in harmony with nature.

Meeting Notes

To start the program, some of our members who have been working directly with the Orchid City project shared their personal perspective and why the project it is so impactful. Our speakers were Ruben Bosschaert from the Netherlands, Eranda Janku from Albania, and Chi Nguyen from our growing team in Vietnam.

They also shared their experiences and observations with change in their home countries and the impacts on the environment they had witnessed. One of the core goals of the Orchid City project is to avoid and alleviate any detrimental changes.

Continuing on, the founder and director of Except, Tom Bosschaert, began his time by reviewing Orchid City's five philosophical pillars:

  • Living - Rediscover happiness & wellbeing.
  • Learning - Grow as a person regardless of age.
  • Producing - Realize self-sufficiency via ecosystem services.
  • Entertaining - Enjoy a vibrant, diverse, and playful community.
  • Working - Create deep meaning, value, and pride in what you do.

Tom then shared what makes Orchid City so special and how Except has enhanced blueprints for sustainability through a combination of older techniques and innovative technologies, and advancements in systems thinking.

By building on past experiences and acquired knowledge, Except has gone more in-depth and beyond the expectations of previous projects.

House with agriculture
Orchid City embeds residents within a closed-loop agricultural system that provides all nutritional needs and completely reuses any waste.
by Mark Ratcliff
Communcations expert

June 29, 2021