If you are on our mailing list, dare to say you are one of the dreamers. Dream of a better future. Have you ever wondered if a better future is feasible for all of us? Join us on the 24th of June at 16:00 (CET) online, for the first Orchid City public reveal.

As you are intimately aware, we have been working to answer that question for the past 22 years. During these two decades of designing sustainable cities, companies, and food production worldwide, we have collected the knowledge, experience, courage, and inspiration to finally bring it all together.

It is time to build a place that has never been built before, in a time where the world desperately needs new solutions for a resilient future. It is time for Orchid City, the world's first self-sustaining city blueprint. Here, we reinvent how we coexist and thrive with nature, and with each other.

Orchid City is the inspirational example of a sustainable city that we hope to multiply worldwide. Inclusive, climate-adaptive, affordable, realistic, bio-based, and regenerative. Where living, learning, working, producing and entertainment come together. It is the way we guarantee and secure a viable and safe prospect for our future generations. A sublime dream that we together can achieve.

We can't wait to show you more of Orchid City. With our hearts filled with excitement, we are publicly revealing Orchid City on the 24th of June at 16:00 (CET) online. Will you come join this special event with us and our partners? Let us know through our event page on LinkedIn or Facebook.

by Rick Amado
Partnership and Business Developer

June 8, 2021