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Our projects span a wide range of topics, including buildings, business strategy, policy research, publications, software, and sustainability assessment. In addition, we develop our own investment projects, that define the cutting edge of sustainable development.


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IKEA Foundation Farmer

Using systemic investment for more impactful grantmaking

Nov 2020

IKEA Foundation Agricultural Livelihoods Strategy

Over the course of two co-creations sessions in June and July 2020, the IKEA Foundation Agricultural Livelihoods Team worked with us to ide…


A transformation to a climate adaptive and enjoyable green city center

Sep 2020

Action plan for a future-proof Roosendaal

During Spring of 2019 the municipality of Roosendaal, the Netherlands, took the initiative to develop “Action Plan Future-proof Citycenter …


Establishing a wood-based construction industry

Aug 2020

System Transition Wood Construction NL

This project realizes a shift in the construction sector towards significant usage of wood as a construction material. By applying a syste…

Herenboeren Submission.jpg

Expanding Herenboeren internationally towards 80 farms

Jul 2020

Herenboeren International

Herenboeren farms (Gentry Farmers) are a revolutionary model for community owned and managed sustainable farms, developed in the Netherland…


Living places for working people

Jul 2020

Innovative hotel concept

For EHPC, Except developed a hotel concept for a new generation of dynamic, diverse, holistic, 24/7 spaces for people to live, work, play,…


Real-time footprint from travel and events

Jun 2020

Yale Carbon Calculator

Except worked with Yale University to develop a customized online carbon calculator for the Yale Community Carbon Fund. The calculator allo…


The transformation of Zevenkamp into the happiest neighborhood in Rotterdam

May 2020

Zevenkamp through our eyes

“Zevenkamp through our eyes: a story of three students and one neighborhood” is an urban transformation project by Except Academy, a learni…

Urban ReGen-SplashImage.jpg

Integrated action plans for sustainable urban improvement

Jan 2020

Urban regen sustainable cities

The Urban ReGen program delivers redevelopment plans for sustainable cities and neighborhoods, integrating all major sustainability aspects…

Serenity Farms Frame 02_.jpg

Sustainable food production in arid regions

Jan 2020

Serenity Farms

Serenity Farms is a concept for a sustainable 110ha greenhouse facility for profitable food production in arid climates. The first site is …