A better world is possible. We are Except: architects, strategists, and innovators. For twenty years we have been crafting the world of tomorrow; regenerative, healthy and morally just.

Together we shape urban landscapes, business strategy and industries to sustainable, circular and resilient ecosystems. We set the bar with our combination of system thinking, groundbreaking design and strategy.

Whether it’s a small initiative or a grand vision; we create the world you want to live in.

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An overview of ESG's major landscape shifts

The ongoing earthquakes in ESG-Land

In the corporate sphere, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards are undergoing transformative changes, resha…



A Wealth of Sustainability News

Except Newsletter Q1 '24

Dear friends and sustainability trailblazers, as usual at the start of the year, we send you a newsletter packed with know…



Regenerating urban heat stress areas in European cities

Cool Neighbourhoods

This project, supported by the European Interreg North West Europe program, aims to reduce urban heat stress and improve li…

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Failure and success in sustainable city design

Learning from failed Utopia

Sustainable city design is gaining more attention as the world looks for answers to humanity's challenges on Earth. However…

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