Next-level sustainability for the built environment

We develop strategies, concepts, and designs for pioneering sustainable places. Our work establishes new benchmarks for the sustainability of individual buildings for housing, employment, leisure, and tourism. We also produce master plans and strategies for entire neighborhoods, regions, island communities, and eco-industrial areas.


Service areas


  • Concept designs
  • Master plans
  • Strategy
  • Feasibility studies and business models
  • Research and analysis
  • Community building

Areas of expertise

  • Residential, offices and mixed-use buildings and neighborhoods
  • Adaptive re-use and brownfield regeneration
  • Resorts and island communities
  • Urban agriculture and food production
  • Agro-Industrial eco-parks
  • Innovation communities

Developing practical and realistic solutions

The built environment faces an increasing demand for sustainability, including but not limited to the fields of resilience, circularity, health, and a myriad of environmental and social challenges. What does this mean when developing cities and buildings? How can we face these challenges while ensuring attractive places to live, work, and play and support feasible economic and business models?

We help answer these questions using Symbiosis in Development (SiD), our integrated sustainability framework. Built upon and developed from our 20+ years of experience, SiD combines intelligent engineering, quality design, and collaborative processes to create systemic and integrated solutions.

Working together to develop new realities

Our team of experts works closely with partners and local stakeholders in co-creation processes, from initial analysis to conceptualization and design. Together, we research, strategize, design, engineer, develop, and execute projects that enable bright new futures that ensure long-lasting value for all.

Case studies

Our Symbiosis in Development (SiD) frameworks ensures an integrated approach to built environment projects, including all resources, ecosystems, social, and financial concerns.

Standard services

Specialized services