Next-level sustainability in the built environment

We develop strategies, concepts, designs, and business models for a sustainable built environment. Our work ranges from individual buildings to districts, as well as strategies for regions, leisure and tourism, communities, industry, and islands.

How do we choose to live in a sustainable future?

The cities, towns, and infrastructure we build today define the places and lives we will inhabit tomorrow. That’s why it’s so important to get it right. The built environment faces an increasing demand for sustainability, resilience, circularity, health, and inclusiveness. But what do those words actually mean in practice for cities and buildings? What are the next steps in building a truly sustainable future city, and how do we convert existing cities and buildings to be part of this future?

Working together to develop new realities

Our team of experts work closely with partners to pioneer real, next-level sustainability in the built environment. Together, we research, strategize, design, engineer, develop, and execute projects that blaze new trails. We rely on systems thinking, co-creation, and innovative new business models and partnerships to find the next step forward.

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