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Sustainability is at the forefront of all large organizations and policies and a growing challenge. This includes its smaller siblings, such as circularity, the bio-based economy, and resilience strategies. While the discussions are easy to be found, as an organization, where do you start to work on a sustainable transition? What are the trends, where are beneficial opportunities, and where are the risks?

Asking the right questions

Working on sustainability requires a long-term vision, integrated innovation, and more circular production systems. Additionally, it often requires a change in the organization's strategy and team capacities. We support execution, innovate where needed, and implement change trajectories.

We help organizations at every step on this journey by:

  • Raising initial awareness
  • Discovering the right questions to ask
  • Building and training the internal team
  • Developing strategies

Experience is key

Sustainability only succeeds when it is adopted at the very core of an organization and for that, it needs to be in the hearts and minds of people.

Every organization is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to implementing these trajectories. Many stakeholders have a voice and have an influence on operational aspects - often unknown or not considered.

Having hands-on experience at your side helps to identify this, and after more than two decades working with the likes of Heineken, IKEA, the IFC, and a wide range of governmental bodies, we've learned many lessons. We help leaders keep leading, from understanding what's possible to uncovering strategic leverage points and realistic implementation.

Where to start?

An organization's sustainability journey typically starts with building a team and developing goals and a vision.

To properly understand an organization's activities, it's important to first map these strategies - even current sustainability programs - to see where opportunities lie. Below are some of our services explained in more detail.

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