Ngoc Le

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Areas of expertise

  • Landscape and Urban Design
  • Urban Planning


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Ngoc Le

Landscape Architect

As an urban designer with a fervent passion for sustainability, Ngoc (Ruby) is deeply committed to learning and growing in her field. Her insatiable curiosity about the world drives her to constantly seek out new knowledge and perspectives. She is particularly drawn to the intricate complexities of urban zones and the pressing challenges they face today. From issues of climate change to social inequality, she sees each obstacle as an opportunity to innovate and create positive change.

Ruby's passion for travel and exploring nature further enriches her understanding of sustainable practices and inspires her approach to urban design. She thrives on embracing challenges and diving headfirst into new areas within the realm of urban planning.

With an unwavering determination and genuine enthusiasm for making a difference, she is excited to embark on this journey of exploration and impact.