Trang Ngo


Areas of expertise

  • Strategic-thinking
  • Sales + Inbound Marketing
  • Business Intelligence


  • Electronic, Jazz, Hip-hop, Rap, Alternative, Pop
  • Books + Podcast + Youtube

Trang Ngo

Executive Assistant

Passion fuels my journey, driven by a desire for meaningful impact and genuine connections. With a degree in Applied Mathematics, I delved into finance, working on significant projects with big data. However, after two years, I craved a deeper purpose beyond numbers.

Transitioning to education, I founded a venture, exploring innovative philosophies. Over three fulfilling years, I nurtured profitability while reinforcing my commitment to impactful change and human connection.

Now, drawn by a shared vision, I find myself at Except, surrounded by inspiring individuals dedicated to making a difference. Here, my passion finds purpose, driving me towards collective impact and meaningful change.