by Tom Bosschaert

May 26, 2015

Tom Bosschaert

On Tuesday, June 9th we are organizing a co-creation session to further develop our plans for the IJfietstunnel . How can we create the best and safest bicycle tunnel in the world? In a three-hour session, we will visit the site, brainstorm and develop ideas. At the end of the day we have a great overview of all possibilities to transform the IJtunnel in an IJfietstunnel and we can relax with a drink.


15.00: Meet at Berlage Meet with a nice cup of coffee
15:15: Visit IJtunnel
16.30: Return to Meet Berlage to brainstorm
18.00: Closing with drinks and music.

Would you like to work with us on transforming the IJtunnel in a IJbiketunnel? Register now, we have space for up to 15 creative thinkers and stakeholders.

May 26, 2015