by Tom Bosschaert

Jan. 16, 2015

Tom Bosschaert

Amsterdam needs a new solution for crossing the river IJ. Ferries run overtime to transport cyclists and pedestrians to the up-and-coming North area of Amsterdam. Expensive plans are being made, maybe a high bridge can fix the problem, more ferries, a tunnel or even cable cars. But, the tunnel is already there, we only need to adapt it!

The IJtunnel is currently only used by cars to cross the river IJ. But, because of the new metro line in Amsterdam that connects the city center with North Amsterdam, traffic is expected to decrease. This leaves the perfect opportunity to use this existing structure for a new function.

Refitting the IJ tunnel

Together with Bart Stoffels of Stadsstromen, Except is investigating the opportunity of refitting the existing IJ tunnel. We´re excited about using this existing structure and making it into a tunnel everybody will love to cycle through. Can you imagine, cycling through a tunnel in which the walls are sometimes soft and alive, overgrown by cave plants that filter the air. Then, you go through an interactive section, in which the LED walls light up as you pass. Curious what´s going on in Amsterdam culturally? A part of the tunnel will be a display of all the fine art and music Amsterdam has to offer. Who would ever want to leave this magical place?

For now, this is still the future, but we're working hard to realize it. If you have any brilliant ideas on how to transform the IJ tunnel into the most amazing cycling tunnel in the world, please let us know!

Interested in the initiative?

Jan. 16, 2015