by Tom Bosschaert

Jan. 3, 2013

Tom Bosschaert

Dear friends, as one of Except's youngest members, I have the pleasure to thank you for the great celebration of our 13th birthday, and amazing to see all your warmth and support. It has truly been 13 years of unbelievable speed, innovation, collaboration and amazing discoveries. - Erik

It was great to see your happy faces and dance until our feet fell off. We hope you enjoyed our celebration booklet (download here), DJ Mees, the game, and the funky atmosphere.

Let's rock into 2013! A new year that promises astonishing developments that we hope to experience with you. Within our hard work an beliefs, there are many things we are grateful for and we happily share with you. So here you go.

From the celebration booklet:

We celebrate 13 years of Except Integrated Sustainability. We’re thrilled to see that in these years we’ve become a collective of remarkable individuals dedicated to building the foundations of a sustainable society. We are thankful for every one of those years, and look forward with hope and the knowledge that by standing together we will achieve a better world for all.

If Except had a voice of its own, it would be grateful to all who are and have been part of Except for their contribution. Together, we made Except into what it is today.

This book records the things we are grateful about, our greatest sources of joy, passion and hope throughout the years. One item for each year. We love to give this to you and hope they'll inspire and make you think, as they have us.

Thank you for 13 years of magic,
Tom Bosschaert
Michiel van der Vight

Download the 13 booklet.

Jan. 3, 2013