by Tom Bosschaert

May 25, 2016

Tom Bosschaert

Have you ever wondered what cities in the future will look like? Will they be dreamy cities in the sky or the sea, or small practical rooms in large buildings like in 5th Element? Have you ever imagined how we will move around? Will humans evolve to static and overweight beings sitting all day on a self-driving device that will take them everywhere, like in Wall-E? Or perhaps we will become like Ironman, flying around?

In Grid Night, Let’s Move!, we want to get together and find the visions living among you, our guests. You participate, for when it comes to the future of the city, everyone is an expert. We will challenge you by sending you on an adventure to figure out the important questions we want you to answer, and who will join you in your creative journey towards those answers.

18:30 - 20:00 Let’s Move! Dinner.
20:00 - 21:15 Let’s Move! Main Event.
21:15 - onwards Let’s Move! Dance & Drinks.

Location: Cafe Radion, Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam.

Date: Thursday June 9th, 2016.

Social media: #GridLetsMove @Except_NL

Let’s Move! Dinner: Two course vegetarian meal. € 35,- per person (includes 2 drinks). Limited space: 30 seats available. Reserve a spot for you and your friends! Do so before May 23rd, and you’ll receive a € 3,- discount. Buy your ticket at eventbrite.

Let’s Move! Main Event: Co-creation session guided by our invited experts. They know all about facing contemporary cities’ challenges and share with us the most pressing questions of their work. You will be inspired by a small expo with precedents and short movies of people giving their opinions about their vision of the future. Join us on time for a free drink and snacks. Register your free ticket at eventbrite, or sign up via meetup or facebook.

Let’s Move! Dance & Drinks: Cafe Radion is a unique former orthodontist school building, with an industrial look and friendly staff. We’ll rock the floor with unexpected music, ranging from Nils Frahm to the Beatles.

Questions? Mail us!

May 25, 2016