by Tom Bosschaert

May 27, 2014

Tom Bosschaert

The Rotterdam Metabolists are a joint endeavor of innovative firms in Rotterdam who are leaders in the field of design based on urban metabolism. They present themselves at the opening of the IABR on the 29th of May at 13:30 in the Kunsthal in Rotterdam.

The Rotterdam Metabolists share a systemic approach that provides insights into and ideas and solutions for designing with flows, closing cycles, organic urban development, circular economy, urban agriculture and resilient sustainable development.

They explore the movement that is urban metabolism along four thematic lines: reconnection with polytechnical design; transition towards socio-ecological-economical city development; the dissolving of imaginary boundaries between the local and the regional and the exploration of new value chains and business models in complex systems.

The Rotterdam Metabolists explicate these lines via a talk on innovative aspects of their individual work. Host interviewer Jaap Jan Berg will talk to them and the audience on shared experiences and ways of working with the metabolism of the city.

Thursday 29 May, 13:30 to 14:20, at the opening of the IABR.
Organized by the Rotterdam Metabolists, supported by AIR
Moderator: Jaap Jan Berg

May 27, 2014