by Tom Bosschaert

Dec. 19, 2018

Tom Bosschaert

Except is expanding with projects that are shaping the future of sustainable development in various regions around the world. We are looking for passionate and exceptional interns which are at the beginning of their scientific career in the field of sustainability. We are seeking candidates who share our mission to build the foundations of a sustainable, resilient society and who have an affinity for data or writing in a scientific manner.

Data analyst

We are looking for a motivated new team member with experience in programming and data analysis tools. We find value in the experience of creating automated data collection form statistics, who has experience in creating infographics and data visualization. The new Except member will aid the science team in the following tasks/types of work:

  • Data collection (online research, build data collection templates)
  • Data assemblage (build databases)
  • Data analysis (data interpretation and forming conclusions from data to information)
  • Data presentation/visualization (from information to knowledge)

Roles and Tasks:

The right candidate will help the scientific research team with their work on multiple integrated sustainability projects. Whilst the clients may differ, there will be one constant factor; learning to implement Except’s own Symbiosis in Development method in practice. The types of projects which the new team member will be working on, include reporting on the sustainable development goals (SDG), circular economy concept implementation, sustainable food production systems, and designing future cities. Except is at the forefront of sustainable development, smart urban planning, and industrial ecology in the built environment, and thus we are looking for someone with drive and vision which matches our own.

Successful candidates will join the Except team in Utrecht for a minimum of 6 months. They will aid the team in multiple projects spanning Europe, the Middle East and East Asia, in tasks as broad as the implementation of the SDGs in industries, quantitative and qualitative data collection, data analysis & visualizations, and scientific communication. As our working language is English, Dutch proficiency is not a prerequisite for this position.

We use:

  • LCA tools
  • Climate design tools
  • Data analysis: Modelling in spreadsheets
  • Data visualization

Location in Utrecht, the Netherlands

While Except projects have a global focus, the position is in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We have regular face to face contact with the team and work from within the office in Utrecht, but we are flexible on working from home.

About Except

Except Integrated Sustainability is a sustainable development, design and innovation consultancy. We consist of a multi-disciplinary team of about 20 people and we are growing. Except delivers concepts and strategies for resilient, just, and inspiring cities, companies, and governance. We apply innovative systemic analysis, develop roadmaps towards resilience, and execute solutions with inspiring design. Together we bridge gaps between sectors to accelerate the frontier of sustainability, and create concepts that are realistic and feasible.

We’re a passionate, practical, and dynamic cooperative of entrepreneurs, known for our interdisciplinary and innovative approach. Interested and want to know more? Send us your application, including a motivation letter, CV, and portfolio (if applicable) to

Dec. 19, 2018