On the 24th of June we showcase the world's first self-sustaining city blueprint: Orchid City.

It is time to build a place that has never been built before, in a time where the world desperately needs new solutions for a resilient future.

Orchid City is the world's first self-sustaining city blueprint. Here, we reinvent how we coexist with nature and with each other.

Orchid City goes beyond just being a beautiful place to live. It is the first affordable, physically, socially, and environmentally sustainable city blueprint in the world. It is a home for those who want to live happy, healthy lives, in harmony with the environment and the community around them. For those wanting to help build a better future.

Join us for the first public event showcasing Orchid City, on the 24th of June at 16:00, via this zoom link.

See the trailer below, and find more details about the event on the LinkedIN event page, where you can also register.

About Except Integrated Sustainability

Except is a sustainability consultancy and design office, working globally from our headquarters in the Netherlands since 1999. We work on projects that raise the bar in sustainable development, and innovative concepts and strategies for resilient, just, and inspiring cities, organizations, and industry.

Chi 2
by Chi Nguyen
Regional Director Asia

June 8, 2021