by Tom Bosschaert

Feb. 6, 2013

Tom Bosschaert

Except and the Dutch RecoveryPark NL team visit RecoveryPark and the Detroit urban renewal locations.

Detroit can use some support. To do this, Gary Wozniak founded RecoveryPark 4 years ago to find ways to create jobs, recover urban wasteland, and provide food in the widespread food deserts.

After years of mutual interest, Except created a consortium of dutch partners to support with innovative vision, design, and technology, including Posad, Rebel Group, Priva and the Dutch Consulate General of Chicago.

In January, Except's Noemie Benoit and Tom Bosschaert stepped on a plane and joined the rest of the team to check out the location, and meet each other together for the first time. And what a meeting it was!

In the subsequent days, we where overwhelmed by the positive response from Detroit, and the inspiring collaborative nature we found ourselves in. We're absolutely thrilled to start working on RecoveryPark soon, and can see a myriad of ways to create new jobs, build new ecologies, renew the city and make thriving communities. 

Check out the RecoveryPark website for more details, and keep your eye out for more RecoveryPark news from us as we gear up to start developing in the upcoming months.

Feb. 6, 2013