by Tom Bosschaert

Jan. 22, 2015

Tom Bosschaert

Dear friends, colleagues, and partners, It's our fifteenth birthday, and to celebrate we'd love to share this winter update with you, packed with goodies. A new movie, Except Academy founded, almost a dozen new positions and we're giving away some company secrets.... read on. This is our last conventional newsletter, in two months we'll surprise you with something totally different!

Hooray! It's our fifteenth birthday

15 years ago Tom started Except, not knowing yet what it would grow into. We're happy and proud that Except is thriving, expanding, and making a positive impact on our society.

Tom: "15 years.... what a number... and what tremendous things we have learned,
from when the word sustainability was largely unknown,
what countless challenges we have won in over 300 projects,
what an amazing change we have been a part of on four continents,
the hundreds of people that have learned, contributed and supported,
to the thousands of people whose lives we've touched, inspired, set off in new directions,
to make that one world we share together a little bit better,
made every second worth it."

Cheers, onto the next 15 years of Except!

Release of the Rotterdam Metabolists movie

We're proud to announce the release of the Rotterdam Metabolists movie.

This summer, together with six cutting-edge Rotterdam based urban design agencies, we founded the Rotterdam Metabolists. We're teaming up to share our systemic approaches for circular flows, organic urbanism, and resilient sustainable development, and together spread the word to inspire organizations globally. Also, check out the website.

Except Academy founded

Last year we started the Except Academy, an internship program that teaches students how to apply our SiD methodology in a real life case study. Also, they learn the pleasures and challenges of working as a multidisciplinary team. The first team is wrapping up, with a great project on the Rotterdam district of Zevenkamp. More on their results later.

Interested in joining Except Academy? The next project starts in February, contact Chantal for more information.

Playing geese at our latest Grid Night

Every so often, we invite our partners and friends for a night of mind stretching fun, an evening better known as the famous Except Grid Night. Our latest Grid Night was centered around getting connected to each other and getting reconnected to ourselves. We played as little kids! Apparently a lesson not forgotten.

If you're quick you can still register for the next Grid Night themed Transitions, tonight in Rotterdam. We'd love to see you there.

A vision for sustainable public transport

How can public transportation contribute to resilient and sustainable cities and communities?

With a team of Public Transportation stakeholders and experts in the city region of Rotterdam we developed a vision on how this can be done. And lucky us, in the next phase of the project we're turning our vision into reality.

Join Except!

Except is growing like a weed, this winter alone we welcome:

Also excited about Except? We're now seeking the best independent professionals to join us, in the following positions, as well as others:

Learn with us: SiD workshops | 20 & 21 February

Join us for our next SiD workshop on the 20 & 21 February. Email Nash for more information.

Want to learn about SiD in your own way? Study Tom's article or contact Merel for a customized masterclass.

Shhtt... Company secrets!

We can't help sharing some exciting developments you´ll hear a lot about the coming months:

  • A Malaysian partnership might lead to a revolution in local food production.
  • We're working on refitting the existing IJtunnel in Amsterdam to provide space for cyclers.
  • Lunches, drinks, Grid Nights... we are organising an increasing amount of social activities to get to know you. More coming up!
  • Tom was ranked number 38 at the annual "sustainable professionals top 100" ranking of Trouw. Don't compliment him too much with this accomplishment, you'll make him blush.
  • The Except Foundation has been established. Soon we'll let you know about how you can help to boost this brand new non-profit (which oversees all of our activities).

That's it for our Winter update, and for our last News Update in its current format. In two months we'll release a brand new mailing focussed on answering burning questions of readers. Do you have a burning question? Please send it to me. Worries, compliments or suggestions are also very welcome.

Jan. 22, 2015