by Tom Bosschaert

May 2, 2013

Tom Bosschaert

This edition of Wormfood is the first one written by me, Merel, taking over from Matthew. I´m a science journalist next to my work at Except. You can expect some changes in the Wormfood as it grows on me. Thank you Matthew for all the Wormfoods you wrote, I always loved reading them. For now, enjoy my first edition! This Wormfood has loads of important news including a confronting world map showing people displaced through conflict, great news of banned bee-harming pesticides in Europe, a robot reveals undiscovered passage ways in ancient pyramid in Mexico and many other inspiring and intriguing news stories you shouldn't miss.

Global News

Business & Economy

Energy & Environment

  • A consensus is emerging among scientists that the rate of global warming has slowed over the last decade. While they are still examining why, many researchers believe this phenomenon is linked to the heat being absorbed by the world’s oceans.
  • In an online debate, Elliot Entis, whose company has created a genetically modified salmon that may soon be for sale in the U.S., discusses the environmental and health impacts of this controversial technology with author Paul Greenberg, a critic of GM fish.
  • Bee-harming pesticides banned in Europe. Europe will enforce the world's first continent-wide ban on widely used neonicotinoid pesticides linked to serious harm in bees, after a European commission vote on Monday.

  • Western black rhino declared extinct

Science, Technology, & Design

Urban Environment

Unexpected and Intriguing

  • Speed of light may not be constant, physicists say
  • Robot discovers three unexplored passages in 2,000-year-old tunnel near the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico

Special Announcement!

  • Except launches a new service! Urban Renaissance is a comprehensive system to redevelop neighborhoods, cities, and regions, into strong, self-sufficient, flourishing, and beautiful areas. Want to find out how to make your neighborhood or institution self-sustaining? Contact to find out how.

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May 2, 2013