Chi Nguyen

Chi 2

Areas of expertise

  • Strategy & Business development
  • Business analyst
  • Market research and analysis
  • Customer Success Management


  • Nature and walks in the forest
  • Board games
  • Food
  • Cake

Chi Nguyen

Chi is a Strategy and Business Development Executive at Except, focusing on the market of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Having the passion for creating a beautiful life experience for human beings, Chi completed her bachelor degree in Tourism, Sport, and Event Management in the trilingual university in the faraway northern Italy, on the magnificent Alps.

With a curious mind about the world and about her capability, since her teenage years, Chi has actively been working, and as a result, gathering a handful of knowledge and experience in many different fields. From tourism, hospitality, cosmetics, e-commerce, to blockchain, forex, financial services, and many others.

Deep down, her passion and desire to contribute to this world were still calling for more actions. She feels her skills, knowledge, and experience gathered over a decade working for multiple companies, in various industries, all over the world, should now be contributed to the Making This World a Better Place. Many organizations have made it to her wish list but only Except could make her feel that if you want to change the world, AND do it right, Except is exactly where you should join and learn. So she joins their journey, their mission. To fulfill her life dream.

Chi has plenty of experience in sales and marketing, operations and team management. She is sharp and quick in understanding client's needs, translating an organization's vision and branding into services and products, creating an excellent journey and experience for clients. She sees opportunities in everything, seizes them, and makes the best out of what she's got.


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