ViCo is Vietnam's first national center for sustainability in Ho Chi Minh City. In a time of great demand for sustainable solutions in Southeast Asia, ViCo's innovation community supports and connects socially and environmentally-driven businesses and entrepreneurs. ViCo offers connection, community, knowledge, inspiring workplaces, supporting resources, and attracts like-minded clients and projects to organizations focused on sustainable development.

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ViCo aims to facilitate and support the growing demand and need for more sustainable buildings, business models, and interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaboration in Vietnam.
  • The ViCo sustainability community is currently seeking members, sponsors and development partners to bolster the connectivity of sustainability-driven organizations in Vietnam

Now is the time for a sustainable Asia to emerge

As sustainable development is becoming a central pillar of policy, investment, and innovation in Southeast Asia, the need for knowledge, experience, and partnerships is growing.

Vietnam is taking bold and important steps with its Green Growth Strategy policy and is accelerating sustainable development. A diverse and resilient nation in development, Vietnam is ideally situated to emerge as a sustainability leader in the region. Industry, urban environments, food production, water management, energy, resilience, and social harmony are all seeing significant development.

The future looks bright. In this process, many organizations and individuals seek professional support in their journey toward sustainability. ViCo, Vietnam’s first sustainability innovation community, connects those working on this better future together.

ViCo's bold ambitions

The Vietnam Community (ViCo) aims to become one of Southeast Asia's leading centers for sustainability partnerships and innovation. It facilitates and enhances the growth of a professional community to exchange knowledge and spur innovation and new collaborative business models in Vietnam. Its activities are:

  • Strengthening sustainability partnerships and networks
  • Enabling access to world-class knowledge, training, and innovation
  • A platform for sustainability innovation development and promotion
  • Connecting organizations for a sustainable industry, urban development, and policy

Become part of a pioneering community

ViCo's collaborative community is housed in a circular, self-supporting, and inspirational building. The center will host a range of sustainability-focused activities and training to promote awareness, knowledge, and collaboration.

Besides office spaces for community members, it has venue spaces for events, media rooms, exhibition spaces, sustainability-focused retail, and entertainment. ViCo also caters to regular visitors, from business relations to policy-makers and the general public.

Benefits to ViCo Members:

  • Connect to and be part of the national center and its professional community
  • Exemplary sustainable, inspiring workspace, in the form of offices, desk spaces, or flex spaces
  • Shared sustainable facilities (media & meeting rooms, café, library, event spaces)
  • Access to training and knowledge resources
  • Admission to regular events, workshops, and performances
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Innovation communties like ViCo house sustainably and cooperative-minded businesses and entrepreneurs and regularly host events and performances to enhance networks and knowledge.
  • ViCo is a collaborative workplace to mobilize a network of organizations and experts to attract global investment, knowledge, and innovation to enhance the development of a sustainable Vietnam.

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    CEO Except

How can you engage?

We are seeking partners interested in sustainable development in Vietnam. Become part of ViCo in the following ways:

Core Membership
Core members rent office space in the building and become part of the core community of the sustainability center. Contact us for options.

Core Sponsor
These partners associate their name with supporting sustainable development and gaining access to teams of their organization's public spaces, events, and training programs of ViCo.

Sustainability-minded contractors and service providers supporting ViCo's community and sustainability center in achieving shared goals.

Governmental agencies
Policymakers that use ViCo for events and meetings spread awareness and knowledge through the training center and help fulfill Vietnam's potential as a regional leader in sustainability.

Development partner
We seek partners interested in helping to realize, manage, and operate the center and connect to other organizations to strengthen the network.

Connected to our other sustainability centers

ViCo follows the example of our other sustainability centers. We aim to redevelop an existing and otherwise ‘wasted’ building into a shining example of adaptive reuse. As an exemplary sustainable building, ViCo showcases the value of renovating and revitalizing older buildings in Vietnam. Here are three other sustainability centers that showcase our vision:

  • UCo (Utrecht Community) - Netherlands

Housed in a heritage-listed warehouse and now one of Europe’s most sustainable buildings. Read about UCo here.

  • RoCo (Rotterdam Collective) - Netherlands

The precursor to UCo and the first of this type of sustainability-driven innovation community. Read more about RoCo here.

  • Japan’s first sustainability center - Tokyo

Two sister buildings in central Tokyo to become a national sustainability education and business center (currently under development)

Sustainable Vietnam

ViCo in the media

Sustainable Vietnam - click here to read the article
The first article in a three-part series for Sustainable Vietnam reveals insight into what innovation communities need to flourish and why they are so beneficial for sustainability.

Vietnam Investment Review (VIR) - click here to read the article
This article outlines details of ViCo's sustainability community and how the design of the center and shared working space to become one of Vietnam's most sustainable buildings will enhance collaboration, the emergence of new business models, and the sustainability of the entire region.

Current partners

  • Royal Haskoning DHV
  • Consulate General Netherlands
  • Eurocham - European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam
  • Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV)
  • New Energy Nexus
  • Vietnam Sustainability Social Enterprise (VSSE)
  • CHANGE Vietnam
  • Institute for Circular Economy Development (ICED)
  • Except Integrated Sustainability
  • GSB systems project / IHCIC
  • Sunbytes
  • Earth Venture Capital
  • Vietnam Climate Change Association (VCCA)
  • Intescene Vietnam
  • Pondera
  • Ardor Group
  • Schoolab

Interested in becoming a part of ViCo?

We're looking for members, sponsors, and suppliers or manufacturers who want to join us in laying the foundations of Vietnam's first innovation community for sustainability.

Contact Chi Nguyen to find out how we can work together.

Feb. 1, 2022

Project team

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