by Tom Bosschaert

18 februari 2019

Tom Bosschaert

Except is expanding with projects that shape the future of sustainable development in many different organizations. This is a special and unique opportunity for an experienced project manager with a passion for effecting change in companies and governments to join us, on a possible track to partnership. We seek someone that shares our ambition and values, is a strong and inspiring leader, has experience with circular economy, writing, and likes to be responsible for multidisciplinary teams.

Role and tasks

The Project Manager Sustainable Organizations is responsible for leading 2-3 major projects on a 4 days a week basis, always as a lead of multi-disciplinary teams. The projects are related to effecting change and transition within organizations for sustainability, including the circular economy, transition roadmaps, stakeholder trajectories, and others. The role's activities range from helping to secure the projects, setting up its management structure, manage the client and team, reporting, communication with clients and partners, documentation, and helping to produce written content for reports.

As part of a small senior management team, responsibilities are broad, and personal initiative, as well as creativity, are not just encouraged but essential.

Track towards partnership

Except works as a tight team of mutually supportive team players ranging from science, design, business and management. Together we face the future. This is not a 9 to 5 job, but part of our life's mission. We seek someone to join this team for the long run, and hopefully become part of its core management team and potentially a trajectory to become a partner in the company.

Our future partner has the following properties

  • Excellent written and verbal command of Dutch and English
  • Strong leadership and inspirational properties
  • 10+ years of experience in managing teams
  • A background in work in change management, corporate consulting and/or transition management
  • Experience with the circular economy, and preferably GRI reporting standards
  • Outstanding team player, responsible, timely, and flexible
  • A clear alignment with our mission and goals

Except’s services are unique globally. A successful candidate is eager to learn about sustainable innovation as well as thrilled by the idea of contributing to help build them by bringing them into the world. See below for detailed function profile.

Location in Utrecht, the Netherlands

While Except projects have a global focus, the position is in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We have regular face to face contact with the team and work from within the office in Utrecht, but we are flexible on working from home.

About Except

Except Integrated Sustainability is a sustainable development, design and innovation consultancy. We consist of a multi-disciplinary team of about 15 people and are growing. Except delivers concepts and strategies for resilient, just, and inspiring cities, companies, and governance. We apply innovative systemic analysis, develop roadmaps towards resilience, and execute solutions with inspiring design. Together we bridge gaps between sectors to accelerate the frontier of sustainability, and create concepts that are realistic and feasible.

We’re a passionate, practical, and dynamic cooperative of entrepreneurs, known for our interdisciplinary and innovative approach. Interested and want to know more?

How to Apply

Read this webpage with general information about how we work and our character first. Instead of the questions stated there, please prepare a response for the questions below. Send us your application, including a motivation letter, CV, and portfolio (if applicable) to

Response questions

  • What kind of specific work and role do you excel in and you hope to do?
  • Why do you want to do this kind of work, in this direction?
  • What role do you want to play in the company, outside of project management?
  • What is your vision on sustainable development, and what we need to do to improve?
  • Do you have the time and energy to invest in learning the necessary tools, processes, standards, and methods, and making yourself fit alongside us?
  • How often would you want to work in the office and how would you commute?
  • How much time are you willing to work (days/week)?
  • What would you like your earning bracket to be?
  • Are you joining us to stay? We forge long-term, trusting relationships. Are you ready to form this alliance?
  • What is your personal passion, where do you want your life to go, and how could you personally use Except to achieve your dreams?

Also as this position requires a certain level of proficiency in the Dutch language, please answer the following question in Dutch:

  • Where do you think Except should head in the next 5 years?

Detailed function profile

Job title

Senior Project Manager Sustainable Organizations


Utrecht, our head office in the Netherlands with regular travel across the Netherlands and some international travel. Possibility to work from home.

Purpose of the role

Contribute to creating the foundations for a sustainable society. You believe we can do this while creating beautiful cities, successful businesses, happy people and an exciting world to live in.

Develop and grow our market with particular focus on growing demand for, and investment in:

  • Sustainable business development
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Agriculture and food industry
  • Knowledge projects, software and training

Ensure meaningful and effective communications to current and potential partners.

Support Associates and office team in acquisition efforts.

Key relationships

  • Your own network
  • Except Clients & Partners
  • Project stakeholders & Partners
  • Director and office team
  • Except Management team

Key responsibilities

  • Project manage 2-5 projects with a large degree of freedom and responsibility
  • Manage client expectations and relations, driving project continuation and expansion
  • Keep a happy, productive, and effective team
  • Participate in general Except management decision support, team building, and expansion
  • Commit to the quality guidelines and oversight of Except Management
  • Initiate activities that achieve both our mission and increase revenue.


  • Manage 2-5 projects
  • Plan and participate in weekly update meetings
  • Manage working teams, and expansion
  • Produce written content for project reports
  • Help PR and communications of projects
  • Client communication and reporting
  • Support Except Management in decisionmaking
  • Maintain quality service by following, establishing and enforcing organizational standards


Academic degree, Bachelors at a minimum in any relevant field.

Knowledge & experience

  • Substantial experience with circular economy projects
  • Substantial experience in managing complex projects and teams
  • Substantial experience with writing successful project proposals
  • Experience with managing multi-disciplinary teams
  • Experience with client communications and reporting
  • Strong track record with achieving targets
  • Affinity with the principles of integrated sustainability. We’ll teach you the details if necessary

Personal qualities & skills

  • Fluent in English and Dutch
  • Good relationship builder
  • Able to prioritise, work under pressure, and meet deadlines
  • Good with numbers
  • In-depth knowledge of relevant industries and its current trends and events
  • Attention to detail
  • Enjoy working on innovative and sustainable projects.

Contract type

Salaried position, with a partnership for the long term.

Income indication

TBD, based on experience and contributed value; base indication at 32 hours per week of € 3.800,- gross per month.

Hours of work

4 days per week, flexible hours.

Release date

January 14th, 2019, open for 4 weeks until February 14th. Early responders receive precedence.

Tom Bosschaert
by Tom Bosschaert

18 februari 2019