Mining the Mind

We produceren voortdurend nieuwe kennis en inzichten over duurzame ontwikkeling. Op deze pagina delen we artikelen gebaseerd op ons werk en ons onderzoek. We hopen hiermee nieuwe manieren van denken aan te moedigen en verbeelden hoe een duurzame samenleving eruit kan zien, met tools en hulpmiddelen om daar te helpen komen.

Al het materiaal is vrij te delen en open source via Creative Commons (CC-BY-SA).




Understanding systems thinking and simplifying complexity

Mrt 2023

The Anatomy of a System

The term “sustainable” is now ubiquitous across society, yet its actual meaning is elusive and often misunderstood. For example, despite th…


How well-intentioned concepts distract us from our true goals

Feb 2023

Circularity is not sustainability

For a sustainable future, we will need to adopt and develop circularity across every industry and sector. Not only will it help to relieve …


Lessons in Passive design, preserving heritage & adaptive reuse

Jan 2023

Innovative buildings bolster urban sustainability

As Vietnam’s population continues to urbanize and the demand for new buildings rises, it’s increasingly important to consider the built env…


Diversity in greatness

Jan 2023

The World’s Best Systems Thinkers: Part 2

Dynamic systems are complex and in a constant state of flux. Understanding them, let alone trying to predict behaviors and outcomes, is a c…


Diversity in Greatness

Sep 2022

The World’s Best Systems Thinkers: Part 1

Systems thinking is this generation's lifebuoy. It's the only way to accurately observe our world, assess its complexity, and design and im…


A three-part series for Sustainable Vietnam

Jun 2022

How Innovation Communities Enhance Sustainability

The following article consolidates a three-part series that Except produced for Sustainable Vietnam. It shares Except's experience and insi…