Freek Van der Pluijm

Freek Van der Pluijm


  • Strategic Sustainable Development
  • Workshop Design & Facilitation
  • Getting Things Done

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  • Rock climbing

Freek Van der Pluijm

Facilitator for Organizational Change

Freek’s experience in designing learning trajectories helps Except to deliver high-quality and tailor-made programs that develop participants' capacity to accelerate change. He brings to the team a science-based understanding of sustainability and a drive to connect this to the heart and hands of people.

Freek approaches his decade of experience in facilitation and coaching from a personal perspective, developing and strengthening positive change from within and in connectivity with each other. His facilitation focuses on the person behind the question, strengthening them, and connecting to their highest potential. He has internalized these lessons through hands on experience with founding an NGO, sustainability and strategy consultancy, and interim project management. He is frequently hired as a sparring partner, catalyst, facilitator and advisor for process design and delivery and the development of theories of change. A guiding principle in this is to make it work - together.


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