by Tom Bosschaert

April 8, 2013

Tom Bosschaert

The Hortus Celestia concept is a vertical farm tower designed for Naaldwijk, the Netherlands. The concept tower rises 28 stories above the greenhouse-filled landscape, offering 14 farming floors with embedded expo centers. The concept tower functions as a demonstration center for innovative Dutch greenhouse industry partners and attracts international visitors from around the globe.

A spectacular green experience

The tower's user experience promenade starts at the panoramic roof garden and winds down the tower, allowing the visitor to see all aspects of the farms on the top floors. The complex is structurally calculated, cost, feasibility confirmed, and the design is embedded in an ecological expo-park.

Except designed this vertical farm tower with a team of partners for SIGN, a Dutch foundation that stimulates innovation in the Dutch greenhouse industry.

Isometry of the entire park with Hortus Celestia at the top.

A sculpture arises from greenhouse fields

Like a beacon in the patchwork of greenhouses of the Westland landscape, the Hortus Celestia arises from an ecological park. Behind the ETFE façade, beautiful and demonstrative greenhouses are located in which crops, from tomatoes to roses, are displayed to the audience. The rooftop park on top of the 80-meter high tower lets the visitor experience a panoramic view of the innovation and activity in the surrounding area.


Panoramic Walk-around

The Hortus Celestia unites entrepreneurs in horticulture in an extraordinary icon for business partners and visitors right next to the logistic hub, the Naaldwijk trading center. The rooftop park is the highlight of the expo, along with exhibitions of local horticulture businesses on the underlying floors.

Horticulture Expo Center

The ground floor of the Hortus Celestia houses an auditorium, restaurants, cafés, varying exhibitions, and event spaces to help showcase the innovative systems that allow the tower to perform. Surrounding the structure are office spaces, schools, and greenhouses used for demonstration and expos. The building is embedded within an extensive ecological park that provides residents and visitors with an immersive experience in natural beauty and biodiversity.


Features of the Hortus Celestia

  • An expressive and iconic tower for the Westland area and horticulture organizations
  • Expo center showcasing innovative technologies developed in the Westland area to business partners and tourists, by and for the 'Westlanders'
  • Design language reflecting the patchwork of greenhouses in the Westland as seen from above
  • The shell is constructed with light, transparent and cost-effective ETFE
  • The greenhouses inside the function as a growth and display area, with embedded office spaces
  • A rooftop park with a panorama cafe is the pinnacle of the expo at the top of the tower
  • Rainwater stored in tanks at the top of the tower use zero energy gravity feeders as a source of irrigation for the building
  • An ecological park provides space for recreation, nature, and water, with space for future development of a variety of functions

April 8, 2013

Client & Partners

Project team

  • Tom Bosschaert


  • Arjan Luiten

    Sustainable Spatial Designer & Architect
    Except Integrated Sustainability

  • Peter Oei


  • Peter van Zandvoort

    Process manager
    Kelsey's o.o.m.

  • Chiel Bartels

    Construction engineer
    Bartels & Vedder

  • Jelle Vedder

    Construction engineer
    Bartels & Vedder

  • Jaco van Halen

    Building management
    Van Riessen

  • Peter Brouwer

    Building management
    Van Riessen

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