This project illustrates examples of domestic waste water use. By showing simple sketches of complex systems, the illustrations create understanding of pressure sewage, natural filtering, and mini filtering.

MWH Global focuses on the technical engineering of water, environment, energy, waste, natural resources and infrastructure. Their communication with current and future users is impaired due to the technical drawings being too complex. We worked with MWG Global to facilitate the dialogue between home owners and the engineering company.

Less is more
We used the basics of MWH Global's technical drawings of graphical variety and designed new, simplified illustrations in the same style as the SWIG card game and the Opportunities map. We translated the complex system drawings into clear diagrams through quick feedback loops. The simplified diagrams are easy to understand for layman and engineer alike, and are easier to compare to one another.

The result is a visualization of every specific system concerning black and grey water that MWH Global engineers, in a clear and easy diagram.

May 1, 2014

Project team

  • Marta Suanzes

    Except Integrated Sustainability

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