by Mark Ratcliff
Communications Expert

Sept. 28, 2022


Sircle Collection is a hotel developer and operator working across four European countries, with 13 hotels and 26 restaurants and bars. Already a sustainably-driven company, we supported Sircle in the development of an new organization-wide sustainability vision and strategy. In the process, Sircle accurately determined their sustainability values on a holistic level and produced a set of principles to guide operations. The strategy gives Sircle Collection the scope to build out their sustainability action plan in the years to come.


Sircle Collection and Sustainability

Sircle operates several hotel brands in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Austria. Additionally, in-house restaurants and bars play a large role in their services and encourages them to continually innovate and inspire.

Sircle recognized many years ago how sustainability was becoming increasingly important in hospitality and have already begun their journey. However, they are committed to continuing to further enhance industry-wide practices that support our coexistence in harmony with nature and each other.

To help achieve this they take on various roles in the local community, such as ensuring responsible employment and food and beverage procurement, waste management, and reducing negative impacts across their supply chain.

While Sircle Collection already had a set of guidelines currently in place, they were not yet organization-wide. This project determines values, develops a set of principles, and provides holistic goals to aid sustainability and the entire Sircle collection to move forward together.


A unique and holistic approach

Organizations starting on their sustainability journey have several steps to take along the path and it’s important to collaborate and work with organizations. Not only does this help gain a deeper understanding of current operations and abilities, but the better modify and redesign structures over time.

This project involved site visits and brainstorming sessions With Sircle Collection to gain insight and guidance from all decision makers in the organization. This collaboration can be challenging but is what our work helps to facilitate.

With this strategy and goals in place, Sircle Collection can independently develop roadmaps and transitions for the next 5-15 years. Supported with smart supply chain management, and an increasingly more positive footprint, it offers an opportunity for realignment and innovation for changes in operations, real estate, partnerships, and investments.

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There were two key deliverables from this collaboration:

A Guideline structure

This document includes suggested starting points for the structure, content, and modification of guidelines to help Sircle streamline environmental and social sustainability improvements across the organization. This is the first step, with each team at Sircle needing to develop their own unique policies and action points.

The approach is divided into three categories for each unique business activity:

  • Asset operation
  • Asset development
  • Company Management

A Sustainability Manifesto

Through the use of tools such as Symbiosis in Development (SiD), we were able to focus on realizing systemic and holistic impacts on society. This document builds upon the guidelines by presenting a vision, a set of pillars and five golden rules to support the creation of long-term value for Sircle Collection. By guiding efforts to influence systemic change in their own operations, it is hoped to influence the wider hospitality industry, supply chains, and community.

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Connecting Rooms podcast: travel, sustainability and more

The travel and hospitality sectors were some of the hardest-hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, prompting a reimagining of possibilities and how we can best face the coming decade. Sircle Collection began a podcast at this time to better connect with experts from a diverse range of industries, from sustainability to art and design, and promises to deliver something insightful regardless of which industry you’re working in.

Except’s director, Tom Bosschaert, recently made an appearance to talk about reframing sustainability, and why it’s so important we do. Listen below to the Sircle Collection Connecting Rooms podcast.

by Mark Ratcliff
Communications Expert

Sept. 28, 2022

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