Eranda Janku

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Areas of expertise

  • Spatial planning and Policy Development
  • Urban Design
  • Applied Research
  • Data visualization


  • Cooking and storytelling through food photography
  • Long walks with a camera
  • Hiking and exploring nature
  • Placemaking (no matter the scale)
  • Growing avocado seeds into plants and naming them

Eranda Janku

Eranda is an enthusiastic urban and spatial planner with experience in both professional and academic arenas. She especially enjoys the intersection of strategic planning with design thinking. Ever since she was a child, Eranda knew she wanted to be a city-superwoman; to materialize her visions for the world she used pencil drawings and Legos. Now, as a planning professional, Eranda still likes to make sketches and uses sophisticated versions of the Legos she liked to play with.

Eranda has always been extremely curious about the world we live in, so she made sure to travel a lot by studying and working in many different places. She considers herself to always be on duty when it comes to searching for and coming up with innovative ways to solve problems and solutions for our daily challenges.

When she’s not planning or designing, Eranda is having the time of her life with her two sisters working together on Kikiliciouss. This start-up, founded in 2014, is dedicated to slow food, introducing sustainability and food design to people’s daily routine.



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