by Tom Bosschaert

March 24, 2021

Tom Bosschaert

This Refreeze project aims to reduce temperatures, retain and encourage ice growth in the Arctic. It will bring together a consortium of experts and organizations to design a research plan, obtain technology, finance, and an appropriate legal framework to enact a mitigation program that aids in cloud whitening, naturally reflecting any excessive heat and cooling the Arctic.

Over the past few centuries huge amounts of sequestered carbon have been moved from the the soils and ice into the atmosphere and is the root cause of global warming. The refreeze project will help return this energy back into the ice caps and prevent a catastrophic rise in sea-levels..

Except, in collaboration with Orcca and a host of prominent global leaders in climate science and engineering, are working toward a comprehensive approach that will reduce Arctic summer temperatures.

This will halt the further melting of Arctic ice and the subsequent sea-level rise that threatens hundreds of millions across the world.  

The project establishes the Refreeze Foundation, a non-profit and centrally organizational body. Additionally, the Refreeze Company was founded, to focus more on the technological research and development side of the operation.

Refreeze is launched and supported by:

  • Sir David King (Cambridge Climate Repair Centre)
  • Stephen Salter (Emeritus Professor Engineering Design Edinburgh University)
  • Hans van der Loo (Chair Institute for Integrated Economical Research)
  • Wouter van Dieren (Club of Rome/founder of Milieudefensie)
  • Tom Bosschaert (Founder and Director of Except Integrated Sustainability)

March 24, 2021

Project team

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