This research project investigates how the city dweller influences the food system. It investigates new disruptive developments, and proposes actionable steps forward to improve consumer connectivity to the food system. This improves the relation between actual demand for healthy and honest food, and the food system at large.


The research booklet is downloadable at the bottom of this page (in Dutch).

The answer to the central question "how can we sustainably feed the city of tomorrow?" becomes a lot clearer because of the approach from this exploration. By equating the consumer's perspective, or social sustainability, with that of the food production system, or physical sustainability, a new, useful view of the relationship between city dwellers and food emerges.

It is crucial to realise that there is a disconnect between the physical and social part of this relationship, which is both cause and consequence of the unsustainable nature of the food system.

A good understanding and a good approach is the start. We are not there yet. What we eat, how we feed ourselves and how we make our choices gets to the heart of who we are as people.

This research reveals new choices to take concrete steps towards a strong and healthy food system.

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When analyzing the food system according to SiD-ELSIA, something striking emerges. The ultimate goal of the system- a well-fed urban dweller- is almost exclusively within the level of the Individual. The food industry, on the other hand, is almost exclusively at the Energy and Life levels. Only at the level of Society do they encounter each other in an economic transaction.

Labels are a possible solution, but not the only one.

Read more in the study booklet, downloadable below.

March 28, 2014

Project team

  • Tom Bosschaert


  • Eva Gladek

    Industrial Ecologist
    Except Integrated Sustainability

  • Marten J. Witkamp

    Strategy & Communication
    Except Integrated Sustainability

  • Pam de Sterke

    Project Manager
    Except Integrated Sustainability

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