For EHPC, Except developed a hotel concept for a new generation of dynamic, diverse, holistic, 24/7 spaces for people to live, work, play, and prosper, on their own terms. With nature as a source for inspiration, elevated design sensibilities, and sustainability practices at our core, the concept creates healthy, inspiring, and vibrant spaces that enable self-directed individual and collective transformation.

We set out to create a hotel concept beyond the regular function of a hotel. This offers potential to maximize the use of real estate, 24/7. By combining functions for rest or sleep, relax or entertain, and work, the concept creates a dynamic business model. A hotel expands its own services beyond rooms, wellness and restaurants, with a platform that facilitates a community of entrepreneurs to connect with their audience.


The concept:

  • Creates flexible and scalable space for a blending of work/life, city/nature, individual/collective.
  • Creates a constellation of properties. A central hub with complementary satellite locations for variety in both living and working, from urban to rural.
  • Creates space for the exchange with, and participation in the broader
  • community and our shared planet. It uses a mobile app marketplace for entrepreneurs to offer their services.
  • Creates a catalyst in social & economic sustainability, and environmental & physical sustainability.

April 1, 2018

Client & Partners

Project team

  • Emma Westerduin

    Architect and Project Manager

  • Jacob Verhaart

    Head of Science, Industrial Ecologist

  • Kevin Kearney

    Creative Director
    Cedar Flats

  • Eric Druckenmiller

    Research, Analysis & Brand Development
    Knight & Knave LLC

  • Todd Fenton

    Brand, Market, Program & Spatial Concept Development
    Cedar Flats

  • Othelo Gervacio

    Visual Identity
    Othelo Gervacio

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