by Tom Bosschaert

April 1, 2018

Tom Bosschaert

Sircle, formerly known as Europe Hotels Private Collection (EHPC), is an independent Dutch hotel chain driven by innovative hospitality and locally inspired concepts. Except partnered with Sircle to help develop a concept for a new generation of dynamic, diverse, and holistically designed hotels that encapsulated and expanded our shared creativity.

A hotel is more than a sole structure and interconnected in countless ways to many other objects and interactions within a neighborhood and beyond.

The concept

We set out to create a hotel that moves beyond the traditional idea of it being solely a place of rest. By combining functions for sleep, relaxation, entertainment, and office spaces, the concept created a much more lively and dynamic business model.

The conceptualized hotel expands Sircle's services beyond rooms, wellness, and restaurants, toward facilities that accommodate a community of entrepreneurs. This concept provides an opportunity to maximize the real estate but also to be able to connect better and provide for clientele.

An example of one room and the artistic and energetic design style that Sircle employs throughout its European-wide hotel chain.

The facility has spaces for 24/7 access so that individuals can be accommodated on their terms and allowed to work, rest, eat and play unhindered by any overbearing restrictions.

Using nature as a source for inspiration, we developed a more elevated design and business sensibility, bolstering the hotel's sustainability. The concept creates healthy, inspiring, and vibrant spaces that allow individual and collective transformation.

An example of simplified floorplans, highlighting how the requirements and uses change depending of the time of day.

The design we employ for spaces provides:

  • scalability and flexibility
  • a blend of work and life with the urban environment and nature
  • a central hub with complimentary satellite locations for various environments and vibes
  • space for the exchange with and participation in the broader community
  • a mobile app marketplace for entrepreneurs to offer their services
  • a catalyst for social, economic, and environmental sustainability

April 1, 2018

Client & Partners

Project team

  • Emma Westerduin

    Architect and Project Manager

  • Jacob Verhaart

    Head of Science, Industrial Ecologist

  • Kevin Kearney

    Creative Director
    Cedar Flats

  • Eric Druckenmiller

    Research, Analysis & Brand Development
    Knight & Knave LLC

  • Todd Fenton

    Brand, Market, Program & Spatial Concept Development
    Cedar Flats

  • Othelo Gervacio

    Visual Identity
    Othelo Gervacio

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