Emma Westerduin

Emma Westerduin

Areas of expertise

  • Conceptual thinking
  • Architectural design
  • Interior design


  • Exploring the globe
  • Museums
  • Yoga
  • Dinner with friends
  • Sunsets at the beach
  • Cooking shows

Emma Westerduin

Architect and Project Manager

Emma leads the design team within Except. As an architect with strategic vision, Emma uses her expertise to create valuable environments that are resilient for the future.

Emma's skills go beyond architecture to include urban metabolism, food systems, and place-society relationships.

In collaboration with various organizations, Emma has designed and realized projects in the built environment, for example the climate-adaptive City Garden of Hasselt for the city of Roosendaal, the self-sufficient neighborhood of Regen Villages or a food facility based on seawater and solar energy in a desert in Saudi Arabia.

Emma has a strong sense of social justice and human perspective, which allows her to address social issues through her designs.


Serenity Farms

Sustainable food production in arid regions

ReGen Villages Oosterwold

Masterplan for a self sustaining neighborhood

The future of Sterkenburg

Medieval castle innovates a new future

The future of Sterkenburg

Medieval castle innovates a new future

Sustainable Development Catharijnesingel Utrecht

Full spectrum sustainability strategy for urban infrastructure

Waddenworld: UNESCO Experience Center

World Heritage Center @ Lauwersoog/Wadden Sea

Innovative hotel concept

Living places for working people

Heineken: 100% Circular

A vision, strategy & roadmap to fully circular and energy-neutral operations

City park van Hasselt Roosendaal

Climate adaptive garden transforms a parking lot

IKEA Foundation's Agricultural Livelihoods Strategy

Utilizing systemic investment for more impactful grantmaking


Keep the Arctic in the Arctics

Action plan for a future-proof Roosendaal

A transformation to a climate adaptive and vibrant city center

Orchid City

The world's first framework for fully self-sustainable cities

Middelburg Sint Laurens Sustainable Masterplan

Using the Orchid City framework to improve systemic sustainability

Landscape of the Circular Economy

Visualizing essential flows through society's landscape

Starprint Vietnam Sustainability Journey

Moving towards a sustainable packaging industry in Asia