Ruben Bosschaert

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Areas of expertise

  • Complex data (systems) analysis
  • Renewable energy & materials
  • Medical technology & pharmaceuticals
  • Innovation science & transitions
  • Software development


  • Listening to music
  • Dancing
  • A good conversation
  • Combining break dance and ballet
  • Gaming

Ruben Bosschaert

Ruben is a sustainability technology specialist, with a background in physics and innovation science. During his studies, Ruben found great joy in working on complex sustainability solutions. Having the experience to do quick back of the envelope calculations allows him to think about sustainability concepts in a practical and realistic manner.

Through his general interest for nature, during his studies he did several projects ranging from the sustainability domain up into the healthcare domain. Turning Ruben into a natural sciences generalist. Before starting to work at Except, Ruben worked in the field of software development, developing a mobile application and website.



Keep the Arctic in the Arctics

Orchid City

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