by Tom Bosschaert

21 augustus 2023

Tom Bosschaert

Dear friends and partners,

The buzz around SiD on social platforms has been electrifying! 

With over 150,000 interactions on our articles and the SiD Omnibus book surpassing 3,000 downloads, it's evident that the global interest in holistic sustainability is surging. 

We're humbled by the reception and grateful for having been pioneers in this field for decades. Given this overwhelming interest, here’s a newsletter focused entirely on our newly launched training and learning programs, and new articles.

We're thrilled to announce the relaunch of the SiD fundamentals training, previously paused due to the pandemic. Additionally, we're introducing a new training session in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. And for our dedicated community, below we have exclusive discount coupons for the SiD video training. 

Finally, a little summary of new articles and fresh posts that have been buzzing the socials, in case you missed them, listed below.

We hope you have a hopeful end of summer, and see you on one of the trainings?

Warm regards,

Tom Bosschaert and the Except team

SiD Sustainability workshops masterclass.jpg

New SiD fundamentals training (3 days)

This is the famous 3-day SiD fundamentals training, with certificate, that has helped hundreds of people around the world to change their world-view and understanding of sustainability and systems thinking. 

The training is a live, transformative experience; it focuses on rethinking sustainability from a systemic lens, and braining you up to speed with the basics of the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework. 

This enables you to start developing a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to systemic innovation, long-term strategy, and systemic changemaking.


  • Personal Touch: This training is given by Tom Bosschaert, the founder of SiD. He'll share insights from his two decades in systemic sustainability.
  • Co-Creation: Engage in an intensive 3-day co-creation journey, tailored to address each participant's unique vision, in an intimate group limited to 10.
  • Certification: Earn a SiD fundamentals certificate upon completion.


  • Duration: 3 days | Limited to 10 participants for an intimate experience.
  • Investment: €1,650 (excl VAT) 
  • Dates: 9-11 October
  • Venue: UCo sustainability center, Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Sign up here
Vietnam workshop Chi IMG_1739 copy.jpg

New SiD Sustainability Starter workshop in Ho Chi Minh City (half day)

This starter session is tailored for those new to the world of sustainability and looking to apply it to business strategy, projects, and other initiatives. Within half a day you can jump ahead and skip the learning curve, with the experienced trainers from Except. 

Set yourself up for a continued development pathway with a core understanding of what sustainability really is all about, and how you can use it to gain advantage for the long term.

We offer the workshop in both English and Vietnamese, and we’re planning multiple sessions in September, October and November in HCMC. Interest has been strong, so we expect to sell out places fast. Register your interest here to secure your place.

SiD online workshop.jpg

Discount Coupon: SiD Udemy Video Training

This online video course is designed to explore the principles of systems thinking and its application to sustainability from the comfort of your own home. 

The course covers the main concepts underlying sustainability, systemic behaviors in society, and the practical application of these principles. Learn about SiD's theory, methods, and practice, with over 30 videos and tons of tips and tricks.

Now, for 5 days only, get the course for $9.99 instead of $69.99! 

Tom Bosschaert
by Tom Bosschaert

21 augustus 2023