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23 januari 2024

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Starprint Vietnam (SV), a key player in Vietnam's packaging industry, is spearheading a sustainability revolution. Partnering with Except Integrated Sustainability, SV utilizes the innovative Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework to redefine its approach. This trajectory sees SV focusing on creating a sustainable future for packaging, blending SV's industry expertise, with Except's visionary guidance.

Who is Starprint Vietnam?

Starprint Vietnam (SV), founded in 2001 and building on a legacy from Thailand since 1962, stands as a leading figure in Vietnam's packaging industry. Specializing in a diverse range of packaging products for food, toys, hygiene, and cosmetics, SV has established itself as a dominant player in both international and domestic markets.

Facing increasing sustainability demands from clients and a rapidly evolving market, SV is committed to a significant sustainability transition to cater to future market needs.

Why Packaging Matters

Vietnam faces a critical environmental challenge with packaging pollution, particularly from plastics, which constitute 94 percent of the number of items and 71 percent by weight of all waste in Vietnam (World Bank, 2022).

With the country's plastic production growing annually, the government aims to drastically reduce plastics in the ocean and eliminate single-use plastics in key areas by 2030. Concurrently, global consumer demand and policy pressures are reshaping the packaging industry. SV, at the heart of this transformation, recognizes the need for a long-term vision to stay relevant and lead in sustainability.

Starprint VN's Sustainability Journey

In collaboration with Except Integrated Sustainability, SV embarks on a custom trajectory, leveraging the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework. This collaborative process involves SV's internal teams working closely with Except's experts, focusing on building a comprehensive transition roadmap through capacity building, intelligence gathering, and co-creating a vision for sustainable growth.

Phase 1 Highlights

For SV’s core sustainability team, Except provided extensive training on sustainability basics, industry standards, and global trends. In parallel, the core team was guided to gather and analyze data on SV's current environmental footprint, market trends, and stakeholder requirements.

Once equipped with training and data, Except facilitated a two-day co-creation workshop in Ho Chi Minh City for SV’s core team to align visions and start the roadmap development. Key workshop results include setting general sustainability goals and visions, identifying main focus areas, establishing a baseline roadmap structure, and initiating hands-on projects for long-term goals.

The Road Ahead

SV is now poised for the subsequent phases of roadmap development and implementation. As the world shifts away from disposable packaging, SV is not just adapting but leading the change. Their journey, steeped in innovation and market expansion, envisions the creation of sustainable products and the exploration of new markets. This transition, though gradual, is set to redefine SV's core business, ensuring resilience and sustainability in the years to come.

Towards a sustainable packaging industry

Starprint Vietnam's journey is a testament to proactive change and industry leadership. Their commitment to sustainable practices and innovative solutions is paving the way for a more sustainable future in the packaging industry. Stay tuned as SV continues its journey, rolls out new products and services, and continues to evolve and redefine its place in the global market.

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by Chi Nguyen
Strategie en Business Development

23 januari 2024

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