How sustainable is your organization? What are the effects of a new policy, or the impact of a product? How does your organization align with climate change goals of your country or city, the SDGs, or local environmental impact regulation? How far have you come with your sustainability efforts in the past period of time? And, how do we measure and determine these impacts, and are there better ways to do this?

These are essential questions for organizations to answer today. Sustainability is a complex and dynamic issue, which can easily become difficult to manage. A wide diversity of impact assessment methods have become available in the last decades, from simple checklists to intricate simulation supported rating systems. Working with the right one, and, in some cases, developing your own custom impact assessment can be crucial to the success of your organization's strategy.

We work with partners to find effective ways to bring clarity and accuracy to the process. While sustainability methods change rapidly, our fundamental approach, and two decades of experience, allows us to cover a wide range of use cases, from carbon to natural capital, and from business to environmental and social impacts, UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Impact assessment in 4 major applications

  • For business - developing an understanding of impact on stakeholders, policy, strategy, footprinting, and impact on the SDGs
  • For cities & communities - impact on the environment, mobility, social and economics, climate adaptation, etc.
  • For industry - Life Cycle Assessment, CO2 footprinting, supply chain analysis, product and service impacts, certifications, etc.
  • For policy - understanding influences of a policy on society and mitigating adverse effects, climate adaptation, integrated systemic analysis, and impact on SDGs.

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