The SDG Quickscan is rapid impact assessment service for projects or investments on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in just a few days. These are complemented with several systemic risk indicators from the Symbiosis in Development’s (SiD) framework. They are presented in a simple visual scorecard, with expert recommendations, and available in volume.

The scan enables you to assess impacts that reach beyond environmental into social and systemic sustainability. A single page scorecard shows how two sustainability experts have scored the project's impact on each SDG qualitatively, and several systemic sustainability parameters, such as resilience and circularity.

Why an SDG scan?

The SDGs are an institutional fact around the world, and increasingly used for industry impact assessment. The influence of the framework is expanding every year. We have developed the SDG Quickscan support organizations to quickly assess projects and investments on the SDGs. The quickscan can also be purchased in volume packages to, for example, repeatedly assess the impacts of investment projects or individual products.

Fast risk and opportunity assessment

The scan is designed around the UN SDGs to ensure coverage of all major categories relevant to sustainable operations and to a healthy and thriving society. These are augmented with some key Symbiosis in Development (SiD) systemic assessment indicators, increasing the relevance of the results for long term resilience and risk assessment.

The various scan modules can be completed to different degrees of depth, depending on the size of the project or investment properties and the amount of time available for the process.

SDG Quickscan Volume packages

In addition to individual scans, we offer packages of multiple scans to assess portfolio's or product lineups. Contact us to discuss your SDG Quickscan package.

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