Sustainable food production lies at the nexus of the sustainable development challenge. Land use, water, energy, health, resource use, and biodiversity concerns intersect the requirements for increasing amounts of food across the globe. This is affecting our global, national, and local economies significantly. In striving for a sustainable society, sustainable agriculture has been a key focus point of our work. Since 1999 we have researched, consulted, developed, and executed multiple innovative food systems - look at the bottom of the page for some example projects.

We work with various partners along the supply chain of food, from resource and production to retail, delivery, and recycling resources. We support partners in Asia, the Middle East, Australia, the Americas, and Europe with work on new concepts, such as vertical agriculture, innovative greenhouses, polycultures, and urban agriculture. We deliver strategies, feasibility studies, concept plans, facility designs, and implementation.

Sustainable Agriculture Services

We provide clients that wish to innovate in sustainable food production with the following services:

Research and Analysis

What is the current market situation? How can we increase sustainability performance while also gaining operational benefits? How can we grow food effectively in challenging circumstances? Except researches the market, environmental conditions, policies, and stakeholders and finds new opportunities in answering these questions. We build strategies and business plans and perform feasibility studies using the intelligence from this research and analysis. From there, we create integrated concepts and development plans.

Design and technology selection

We develop concepts and solutions that combine existing and proven technologies with state-of-the-art design. This approach ensures that each plan and vision's long-term resilience and adaptability create healthy and inspiring places to work and live. Examples of our work include Polydome, an ecosystem that enables high-efficiency high-volume food production inside specially designed greenhouses. Serenity Farms is an industrial sustainable food production facility for desert climates that uses only salt sea water and sunlight as its primary inputs.

Project Management

We support projects from their idea down to execution and operation. This approach includes business model development, feasibility studies, managing stakeholders, and development management.

Areas of application

Except has worked since 1999 on sustainable agriculture projects. The areas of application include:

  • Greenhouse agriculture innovation, in standard as well as extreme climates
  • Urban Agriculture, Regenerative Agriculture, Vertical Agriculture, and Community Based Agriculture
  • Agroforestry, Permaculture, Aquaculture, Hydroponics, Soilless, Aeroponics, and Aquaponics
  • Algae production and product development
  • Sustainable Agriculture business models, simulation, and feasibility

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