Innovation communities (ICs) combine the best of the corporate world with the best of the entrepreneurial spirit. These flexible business models revive urban areas, react quickly to market changes, and create new and engaging innovations in all disciplines.

These next-generation, collaborative workplaces combine strong communities with flexible, open offices, and smart business models to form strong platforms for innovators and entrepreneurs alike.

Except has developed a variety of ICs since 2003 as part of its portfolio of sustainable development services. These ICs range from business incubators for recent graduates to professional research organizations. Today, we provide governments and companies around the world with full-service ICs development, ranging from business advice to turn-key project development.

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What Innovation Community is right for you?

There are various ways to set up ICs. Some are based on time sharing; others on space-sharing; some are incubators; others, knowledge and network hubs. ICs work best when custom developed for their specific context, either independent or as part of a larger company or initiative.

Smart ICs

  • Except's Innovation Communities are designed for and tuned to their local conditions, and can change over time
  • ICs are financially independent after their start-up period (usually 2 years)
  • ICs find new ways to adapt to their environment automatically
  • ICs can be set up within existing companies
  • ICs can be used to convert empty or abandoned buildings into working business models

Rather than implementing a pre-determined and rigid business model from a book, Except makes flexible business models that respond and adapt to their local conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are ICs for?

ICs have a lot to offer in many circumstances. For instance, they can be a promising option for a company trying to find new ways of accelerating your innovation and development, a city wanting to support local economies and entrepreneurial development, or an entrepreneur looking to start a collaboration with other independents in your surroundings.

What do ICs do?

Our world is changing. We see communities of entrepreneurs and creative industries merge and invent the solutions for tomorrow, bypassing large monolithic companies in innovation ability and economic capacity. ICs are an optimized form of this new type of business model, custom developed to suit specific needs and situations, and benefiting from Except’s experience in ICs.

What makes an IC successful?

Currently, the fastest-moving companies are those that have highly flexible and resilient corporate structures, often made up of groups of independent contractors. They seamlessly move between online and offline tools and networks, connect knowledge with abilities, short communication lines, and a high level of personal dedication and energy from each individual involved.

How do ICs work?

ICs allow people to maximize their working performance, since they can work the way that suits them best, be inspired by one another, and increase productivity. ICs work because they connect innovative individuals to each other as well as to the tools and services they need to operate. ICs can function as fundamental platforms for knowledge creation and sharing as well as enabling new network economies to flourish.

What is the urban benefit?

When placed strategically in the urban context, ICs can revive local conditions, bring new economies to the surface, and stimulate social and cultural development. ICs can successfully convert empty real estate into thriving economies. See examples of ICs we implemented at the bottom of this page.

Steps to set up an IC

Except provides the following IC services:

1 – Innovation Community Scan

The IC Scan tells you what type of IC is a good idea for your business, city, or neighborhood, in terms of success rates as well as the appropriate size and location.

2 – Integrated IC Development

We oversee the scan, design, and development of ICs from start to finish, anywhere in the world. This way, we ensure quality and sustainable operations, and always respond to your needs, as well as your community’s.

3 – Interior Design & Production

All ICs have custom-built furniture to maximize their atmosphere, functionality, and style, as well as the working and health comfort. We design and produce sustainable interiors for ICs, putting in an extra effort to ensure that the offices are healthy, environmentally-friendly, and pleasant to work in.

4 – Innovation Community Design

During the Design phase, we find the building and develop the business case, the layout, and the design of the IC. Here, we determine the right ingredients of the IC that reap the largest benefits for you.

5 – Adaptive Building Redesign

Making use of existing empty real estate is a smart move for ICs: they bring character and reduce costs while increasing the environmental benefits. Except redevelops and adapts buildings for ICs.

6 – IC Management & Evolution

We support day-to-day operation management and consulting for ICs, helping them evolve and stay ahead of the curve in a changing world.

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