Urban Renaissance delivers redevelopment plans for sustainable cities and neighborhoods, integrating all major sustainability aspects in one program. The results are circular, smart, and resilient urban development plans in a relatively short time frame, from one year for small to mid-sized cities, to two years for larger ones. In this way Urban Renaissance offers a high-speed thorough strategy generation service in a time where most cities around the world struggle facing an uncertain future, climate change, as well as ecological and social challenges.

Urban Renaissance plans help boost the use of renewable energy sources, provide clean air and water, generate long-lasting jobs, and make for livable, healthy, and beautiful cities with a stable economy. It covers all aspects of the city's ecosystem, including mobility, resource management, planning and zoning, social policies, culture, and climate adaptation. These integrated urban plans create clarity and focus for policymakers, add significantly to national targets, and open access to national and international funding.

Flourishing redevelopment

Urban Renaissance is the result of bringing together partners in innovative design, engineering, planning, strategy, and environmental research. We travel the globe to realize these future-proof neighborhoods, communities, and institutions, with a team of 30 experts. It effectively brings the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) sustainability methodology, proven in hundreds of projects, to urban redevelopment. Our portfolio gives you a peek into the variety of projects executed with this approach.

Bottom-up strength meets top-down innovation

Urban Renaissance turns neighborhoods, cities, and regions, regardless of their size, into beautiful self-sufficient places where people are eager to live and work. It is a strategic approach that involves all stakeholders in the process from initiation to living realization, with actionable roadmaps for implementation. It aims at finding methods that work, looking for pathways that fit the unique circumstances of a neighborhood in need of change. Its approach works across all social, economic, ecological, and physical aspects of a city.

The UR process includes strategies based on:

Do you think your city could use an innovative approach to make it a better place for everyone? Except offers over a decade of experience in self-sustaining design and development, on four continents. Contact us to find out how to make your community self-sustaining.

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