Except combines smart new business models, sustainable renovation, and bespoke design to deliver pioneering real estate redevelopment, for both new buildings as well as retrofits and redevelopments.

Using the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework, we find out the specific nature of each location and transform our systemic insights into tangible visions supported by strategies. Thanks to our integrated approach, we build and transform future-proof buildings that ensure a healthy and sustainable society for many generations to come.

Roadmaps for resilience

Using systems-thinking, we identify long-term goals and vision, and back-cast to design leading strategies and realistic action plans that get you there. We leverage real estate (re)development as a catalyst for creating vibrant communities, economies, ecosystems, and, of course, better buildings. This approach uplifts existing real estate, realizes financially solid investments, creates beautiful places for people, and sets examples for sustainable design.

Focus on communities

We facilitate a community-driven approach to transform public spaces and buildings into healthy, lively, welcoming places. Except works closely with construction firms, developers, architects, planners, city governments, and businesses all around the world, giving them the edge needed in a competitive marketplace.

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