Tim Horsten

Tim Horsten

Areas of expertise

  • Management Consulting
  • System Analysis
  • Process Management
  • Corporate Social Responsibility


  • A good movie with a surprising clue at the very end

Tim Horsten

CSR Consultant / Engineer

Tim rediscovered his love for sustainability early 2009, and started his own enterprise, following a diverse, partly international career in the chemical/multinational sector. During this period, Tim held a wide variety of positions in technology, operations management, product & resource management, sales, marketing and customer service management. Today these translate to a broad range of expertise, from strategy to execution.

Tim likes trying new, unorthodox ways and partnerships to overcome initial resistance to innovation. He even practices this at home where his children are allowed to refuse a new dish, but only after trying it first.

“We need to focus on what new directions may work, even though we usually have plenty of experts that think it won’t. If we want to get up to speed with sustainability, we need to act more collectively with the general interest in mind. Two areas of common interest, exactly why I enjoy working with Except !”

Tim has two Bachelor degrees, one in chemical engineering and one in business economics. He also completed the CSR Management executive program at Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance in Rotterdam.


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