Except, in collaboration with KWS-Infra and GAIM, organized an innovation session to develop a sustainable approach to demolish a part of the Catharijnesingel in the center of Utrecht. The process includes considerations and responds to the sustainability goals set by the municipality of Utrecht.

Except Integrated Sustainability has been developing Symbiosis in Development (SiD) since our founding in 1999. SiD is a strategic and integral approach in which systems thinking, network theory, and lifecycle approach come together and are used seamlessly with other tools of sustainable workplace development. It is a fluid and adaptive working process that efficiently converts ambitions into concrete measures.

Using this approach, alongside our partners, resulted in 12 innovative insights, from the creation of a materials bank and education program to the impact of preserving industrial heritage. The report aligned with desired outcomes according to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • "Except's broad view on sustainability has enabled us to identify opportunities and measures that go beyond what we, as a construction company, could have formulated. They provided a more out-of-the-box understanding of the many facets that have a direct influence on sustainability."

    Martijn Kuipers, Tender Manager KWS-Infra


Except works with various markets and parties when bidding on tenders, from development and integral sustainability projects for homes, neighborhoods, and cities to more extensive and encompassing infrastructure projects. Over the years, we've worked on tenders before with names like Volker-Wessels, Ballast Nedam, and Synchroon.

The added value of collectives lies in their composition and content. Except is distinctive in its multidisciplinary approach and method of working with other organizations and continually pushes the boundaries of the popular conception of sustainability.

We also work on the other side of the tender process, helping regional governments translate sustainability goals into documentation. The overarching goal is to improve the process and content of clients' tenders and thus, increase the chance of winning despite the increasing requirements for sustainability.

Tim Horsten
by Tim Horsten
CSR Consultant / Engineer

April 10, 2018

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