Early 2017, the society of Dutch architects BNA published its design study 'Highway x City'. This study investigates the spatial consequences of replacing traditional cars with electric and self-driving ones. Except contributed in the Utrecht A27/A28-team Science Park, by creating a connected, dynamic and diverse environment.


Download the book below or have a look at the website of BNA (in Dutch) to read more about the project.

This project was made possible in collaboration with:

  • Benthem Crouwel Architects (Noortje ter Heege, Marten Wassmann, Alina Zaytseva),
  • Edwards Stadsontwerp (Danny Edwards, Boris von der Mohlen), 
  • BonoTraffics (Roelof-Jan Pierik)

Oct. 3, 2017

Client & Partners

Project team


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