A city needs a healthy economy, flourishing nature, and aspirational people to thrive.
For twenty years, we have been working toward developing a new period for the built environment, where these elements work in harmony and mutually strengthen one another. We design realistic and feasible buildings and urban development master plans for innovative, sustainable, and vibrant places to live, work, and prosper.

Our architecture portfolio spans from private homes and museums to mixed-use commercial real estate. Planning projects include neighborhoods, city districts, and regions. Our multi-disciplinary structure allows environmental scientists to work side by side with economists, designers, planners, and stakeholders in co-creation.

Nature as a driver, systems thinking as a strategy

Using a whole systems approach, we use nature as a positive and powerful driver for innovative real estate design. Ecosystem services are used to support smart business models, as well as healthy and inspiring environments for people. Using the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) sustainability framework, we find intelligent and resilient solutions to bolster resilience and prepare for the future.

In the design process, we organize and align parties throughout the construction chain using stakeholder involvement, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and energy and thermal analysis. If desired, we can guide the process towards international eco-standards, including BREEAM and LEED. However, we always aim to go beyond these standards in all our projects, ensuring to realize long-term cultural and economic value.

Architectural services

  • Residential architecture
  • Adaptive building redevelopment
  • Mixed-use buildings (offices/retail/residential/cultural)
  • Educational, cultural functions, and museums
  • Industrial facilities
  • Circular architecture and design

Urban planning services

Urban design orchestrates the city and weaves space, function, nature, and society in an intricate tapestry. We work on self-supporting, resilient, and sustainable cities with a long-term vision, answering local and national governments’ questions on how to proceed towards sustainable urban development.

  • Sustainable urban development & design
  • Eco-cities & urban ecology
  • Urban agriculture
  • Adaptive urban redevelopment
  • Urban metabolism & circular planning

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