by Tom Bosschaert

Oct. 26, 2018

Tom Bosschaert

We're facing many challenges this century, and to address them, we need concrete and visualized examples of what our world can look like toward a sustainable future. This project joins over 150 experts in sustainability, design, engineering, and policy to create a realistic perspective on a positive future. The views are made tangible by specialist visualizers, storytellers, and filmmakers. The results are globally applicable, concrete images of the future that we can believe. Ideas of how we will live, work, produce, move, love, relax, and progress. We aim for a globally influential project that shows that a better life is not just possible but a desirable, attainable future.

What is the World vision 2050?

The world can be a better place but don't be to quick to dismiss it as utopian A world that delivers all of us the best from living with nature, advanced technology, renewable resources, innovative design, resilient economic systems, socially just practices, and intelligent policies. This approach is not new nor a lone vision, but we need more traction to support and realize these ideas and benefit all people, places, and perspectives.

This is humanity's common challenge - to make the best world for ourselves now as well as for generations to come. We accept the vast challenges this brings because our world is nothing like this now. We face climate change, economic fracture, resource scarcity, and widescale social disruption resulting in untold migration - it's best to prevent rather than deal with the compounded outcomes.


The need for visualization

We at Except are thrilled in believing that there are solutions in working towards a future of abundance, and flourishing humanity. While there are a plethora of solutions ready to activate this better future, they are not yet universally supported and this hinders progress. Global cooperation, across borders, throughout supply chains, and between cultures will help us move beyond lofty phrases and promises.

Visualizing a realistic and better future is perhaps the most vital challenge. Once something has proven itself beneficial it's much easier to convince the wider public and continue to make changes.

The World Vision 2050 program creates a realistic, scientifically supported, manageable vision of a flourishing future. The vision must be economically sound and socially just, and portray a time when homes, cities, industries, and how we exist within nature is more harmonious and sustainable.

Except has developed and outlines this vision using creativity, science, and new types collaborative business models that connect pioneers and ambassadors that help with implementing.

Regen villages

Our action plan

The goal is to create visual examples of truly sustainable and circular cities, buildings, industry, as well as more holistic and adaptive ways of living. The integration of ecology with industry, the embedding of biology into our everyday life, and the closing of cycles of production, consumption, and recycling are vital to this.

To create the components of these visions, we help to connect and moblize the most brilliant minds in sustainable development. The approach to problem solving begins with several teams of five member in each, who take part in two three-day workshops guided by experienced facilitators.

Once completed, the results are recorded and adapted to suit real-world scenarios. These drafts are then delivered to groups of visualizers, storytellers, and filmmakers. They do not produce utopian visions, rather they produce stories and imagery of what our lives and our different roles in society and our environment could be like. Pretty butterflies, drone deliveries, and happy children are great, however, our vizualitions are related to lived reality and addresses the complexity of existence.

The end result will be published and deliviered in images, stories, a book, and films to be launched at an specific event for this project, and one that outlines follow-up projects.


How to participate

This project is extensive, with more than 150 people involved in the process. Many of them will volunteer; however, we also need a budget for other costs. For this, we need to source like-minded and willing sponsors to support us with management, funding, and marketing tasks. 

Help is needed in the following categories:

Executive support for the core decision team (volunteer)

  • determine vision priorities
  • source funding avenues
  • help manage the execution

Visionary for concept development (volunteer)

Experienced professionals and trendwatchers in the resiliency and sustainable development field to create realistic scenarios for the following subjects:

  • urban development
  • industrial production
  • food production
  • policy and governance
  • social communities
  • transportation & Logistics

Production team for execution (paid)

Visualization and content production experts produce:

  1. 3D Visualization of vision elements (LW preferred)
  2. Desktop publishing of web and book publications
  3. Storytellers/copywriters
  4. Filmmakers
  5. Concept descriptions and editing
  6. Marketing and PR
  7. Passive support; aid with tools, licenses, and other valuable items for the teams to use

If you have an interest in contributing, please let us know at:

Oct. 26, 2018

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