Projects with a strong vision and strategy have a higher chance of success. We develop visions, both light and deep, on the basis of systems analysis, science, business insight, and creative collaboration. With these visions we develop long term strategies and roadmaps, integrating ESG frameworks with sustainability strategy, as well as on the ground action plans for cities, organizations, and policies.

Our visions are based on a collaborative process with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Visions are often illustrated and communicated in inspiring drawings, videos and books. The strategy and road maps are developed using systemic modeling and co creation. Each road map combines both long term sustainable development, ESG implementation as well as practical and feasible short term results.

Vision & Strategy Services

In addition to these, we work on the following Visions & Strategy:

Areas of application

  • Sustainable Organizations & Industry
  • Urban and city designs
  • Sustainable food and agriculture
  • Circular Economy

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