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In our work, we constantly generate new knowledge and insights about sustainable development. Below, we share articles based on our work and research introducing new ways of thinking. We imagine what a sustainable society can look like, as well as publish tools and guides to help us get there.

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A natural yet unobvious symbiosis

Dec 2020

Exploring Sustainability and Cybersecurity

This year’s Doomsday Clock, a metaphor of how close humanity is to doom developed by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, shows that catastro…


The comparison is complex and context-dependent

Oct 2020

Is digital more environmentally friendly than paper?

“Go paperless, save trees”. Is that really the case? According to this popular motto, documents in digital versions are environmentally sou…


...or, why you should put lemons in your beer

Oct 2020

What innovations-gone-wrong can teach us about sustainability

What links an abandoned housing complex and a green beer bottle? An innovation that instead of bringing positive results — may it be a heig…

Crona Virus

Why preparing for uncertainty and adaptation is critical

Apr 2020

COVID-19's lesson to the world: the need for resilience

The climate crisis, resource shortages, social fracturing, economic disparities, natural disasters, and other events have given us plenty o…

2020 May Bananas Resilience

Lessons about resilience from nature

Jan 2020

Lacking Resilience is Bananas

While society is struggling with the Corona pandemic, bananas are facing their own, a fungus called Foc-TR4. It is not the first time t…


A holistic and powerful categorization system

Dec 2019

Symbiosis in Development: ELSI

ELSI is a systems categorization tool that helps users get the deep insight needed for integrated analysis, solution finding, and genuinely…