How do we develop our buildings, cities, and regions to become truly sustainable? And how do we get there? Do we use circularity, the bio-based economy, the donut model, the Natural Step, the Blue Economy, or another framework to base our vision on? We guide our partners through the vision development process, using two decades of experience combined with systems analysis, science, business insight, and design thinking. With these visions we develop long term strategies and roadmaps, as well as short term action plans for meaningful change.


Our visions are based on a collaborative process with clients, partners, and stakeholders. Visions are often illustrated by our creative team with inspiring drawings, videos, books, as well as websites and apps.


We use the Symbiosis in Development (SiD) framework to develop a strategy from the vision. We include social, environmental, and business intelligence to build strategy and road maps towards resilient, socially just, and circular solutions. Strategies are developed in co-creation with stakeholders, and use design thinking in online or physical workshops with experts in a full range of disciplines. Each road map combines both long term sustainable development, as well as practical and feasible short term results.

Vision & strategy services

  • Future visions
  • Strategy consulting
  • Development roadmaps & concept designs
  • Systemic investment strategies

Application areas

  • Real-estate; buildings, neighborhoods, estates, and resorts
  • Planning; national, regional & city planning, policy consulting
  • Communities; community development, stakeholder involvement
  • Concept drawings, visualizations, animations, books, and communication media

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