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Our projects span a wide range of topics, including buildings, business strategy, policy research, publications, software, and sustainability assessment. In addition, we develop our own investment projects, that define the cutting edge of sustainable development.


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Living places for working people

Jul 2020

Innovative hotel concept

For EHPC, Except developed a hotel concept for a new generation of dynamic, diverse, holistic, 24/7 spaces for people to live, work, play,…

BGI river-bed-1081967_1920.jpg

Bridging the knowledge gap of Blue Green Infrastructure

Oct 2019

Roadmap to the BGI Manual

Blue Green Infrastructures (BGI) increase the resilience of urban and rural landscapes, integrating their core functions with natural featu…


Full spectrum sustainability strategy for urban infrastructure

Apr 2018

Sustainable development Catharijnesingel Utrecht

In collaboration with KWS-Infra and tender office GAIM, Except organized an innovation session for a sustainable approach to the demoliti…


Vision and strategy for sustainable transformation of a business park at Schiphol Airport

Nov 2016

Schiphol-Oost Pioneer Park

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport was born at Schiphol-Oost, over 100 years ago. Today it is a business park that could use more atmosphere and vi…


From awareness to action with the network of IUCN

Aug 2015

Leaders for Nature: Shared Resources, joint solutions

On 17th April 2015, IUCN organized the Leaders for Nature forum in Eindhoven. Except supported IUCN in a year long trajectory to prepare an…

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Towards an integrated circular sector

Oct 2014

Meat Sector Roadmap

We developed a roadmap of the Dutch meat process sector, production and processing companies and their suppliers, together with DNV. The ro…


Mapping the carpet sector towards 2030

Apr 2014

Carpet sector roadmap

Together with MODINT and DNV we mapped the Dutch carpet sector and developed a road map to a circular carpet industry in 2030. We used syst…


Sustainable fish at a glance

Dec 2012

Miya's Sushi Fish Menu

Miya's Sushi in New Haven, CT, has been our favorite restaurant for years, and for good reason. Miya's is a home away from home that produc…

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A new vision for Flanders' housing

Jul 2012

Flemish Metropolitan Dreams

How to break with the current housing spread in Flanders? Except worked together with Posad to answer this question for the Team Vlaams Bou…